2018-2019 Award Nominees


Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role

Emilio Cress - Scalloped Potatoes and Egg Nog (Recipient)

Emilio Cress  - Wizard of Oz (Recipient)

Frank Johnson  - Fairy Tale PD! (Recipient)

Noah Munoz  - Peter Pan
Emilio Cress  - GreyStone

Renan Katz  - Scalloped Potatoes and Egg Nog

Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role

Emilio Cress  - Theatre of Screams (Recipient)
Mason Williams  - Wizard of Oz (Recipient)

Renan Katz - Fairy Tale PD! (Recipient)

Emilio Cress  - Peter Pan
Frank Johnson  - Theatre of Screams
Frank Johnson - GreyStone

Mason Williams - Peter Pan

Renan Katz - Peter Pan

Billy Leever - Scalloped Potatoes and Egg Nog

Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role

Paxton Prieve - Scalloped Potatoes and Egg Nog (Recipient)

Hailey Buford - GreyStone (Recipient)

Kaylee Kasper - Wizard of Oz (Recipient)
Ainsley Pollard - Wizard of Oz (Recipient)

Janina Katz - Peter Pan

Ella Waitz - Peter Pan 

Hailey Buford - Theatre of Screams

Janina Katz - Scalloped Potatoes and Egg Nog

Hannah Pohlmeyer - Wizard of Oz
Zoe Davis - Greystone
Kaylee Kasper - Fairy Tale PD!
Zoe Davis - Wizard of Oz

Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role

Holly Chavet - Peter Pan (Recipient)

Paxton Prieve - Peter Pan (Recipient)

Janina Katz - Theatre of Screams (Recipient)

Sarah Antenbring - Scalloped Potatoes and Egg Nog (Recipient)

Zoe Davis - Theatre of Screams

EmmaLee Eaton - Scalloped Potatoes and Egg Nog

Keeley Davis - GreyStone

Ava King - GreyStone

Riley Wade - GreyStone

Paxton Prieve - GreyStone

Peighton Marberry  - Wizard of Oz
Kaylee Kasper - GreyStone
Sarah Behling  - GreyStone

Hannah Pohlmeyer - GreyStone

Kendall Bailey - Peter Pan
Madelyn Curtis - Consumed in the Devices

Hailey Buford - Consumed in the Devices

Jocelynn Brown - Wizard of Oz

Paxton Prieve - Fairy Tale PD!

Janina Katz - Fairy Tale PD!

Keeley Davis - Fairy Tale PD! 

Outstanding Junior Actor

Brandt Marberry - Peter Pan (Recipient)
Lane Sillerud - Wizard of Oz (Recipient)
Brandt Marberry - Wizard of Oz (Recipient)

Dominic Anderson - Peter Pan

Rowan Hoag  - Wizard of Oz

Outstanding Junior Actress

Ryan Hodges - Theatre of Screams (Recipient)

Mia Williams - Theatre of Screams (Recipient)

Brianna Russo - Scalloped Potatoes and Egg Nog (Recipient)

Avery Counts - GreyStone (Recipient)

Ryan Hodges - GreyStone (Recipient)

Katherine Behling - Fairy Tale PD!

Kensey Buford - Consumed in the Devices
Avery Lee Stewart - Consumed in the Devices
Katherine Behling - Wizard of Oz
Anora Biggs - Wizard of Oz
Brianna Russo - Wizard of Oz

Madelyn Russo - Wizard of Oz

Most Improved Actors

Avery Lee Stewart

Kate Antenbring

Madalyn Curtis

Actor of the Year

Emilio Cress

Best Ensemble


Best Cast Members

EmmaLee Eaton

Jocelynn Brown

Graduating Seniors

Kaylee Kasper (Lifetime Achievement Recipient)

Frank Johnson

Billy Leever

Hannah Pohlmeyer

Best Show of the Year

Wizard of Oz

Community Awards

 In 2019, Acting Zone received 1 Zoni - Hailey Buford for Actress in a Supporting Role! 

2018-2019 Nominees (pdf)


In 2018, Acting Zone received 4 Zonis - Emilio Cress for Actor in a Supporting Role, Jim Gradillas for Sound Design, Jim Gradillas for his original script, Shakespeare Live! and Michelle Marie and Jim Gradillas for their original script, Signs of Sara!